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Midiplus Minicontrol Keyboard Controller


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Midiplus Minicontrol Keyboard Controller

32 mini size key USB MIDI keyboard controller 32 keys
Velocity sensitive / Mini key Pitch and Modulation wheels Volume clipper potentiometer Unlimited
rotation data regulator
Four rotation data potentiometer Octave Buttons (Up , Down) Metronome (TAP), Arpeggiator (ARP) Chord
mode | Set button
Drum PAD A/B switch button (A:1-8/B:9-16) The keys of composite function, includes transpose Buttons (Up ,
Down), reverberation function selection, three velocity curve,arpeggiator mode, arpeggiator time, scales
mode select
Output specifications Power supply: USB
System support: Windows XP, Vista, 7 , 8 , 10 , Mac OS X


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