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Hybrid B2400 MK6 2×1200 Watt RMS Powered Amplifier


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Hybrid B2400 MK6 2×1200 Watt RMS Powered Amplifier

Whats new?

New Class H & Class TD

Amplification design Improved power by 200 watts on two models

2U Rack height for all models including the B4000

Shorted chassis depth making it easier to rack mount

Upgraded PSU toroidal transformer and filter capacitors

Modern Anodised Aluminium faceplate

Features & Protection:

Mains Voltage display Per Channel temperature display

Soft start Seamless automatic clip limiters

Independent thermal protection per

Channel Multi-stage variable speed forced air cooling

Short circuit protection

Thermal protection DC protection

Speakon outputs Balanced line

XLR inputs Detachable mains

Stereo, Parallel & Bridge mode operation


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