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Behringer NX6000 Lightweight 6000-Watt Class-D Power Amplifier


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Behringer NX6000 Lightweight 6000-Watt Class-D Power Amplifier

The NX6000 power amplifier packs 6000 Watts (2 x 3000 Watts @ 4 Ohms; 2 x 1600 Watts @ 8 Ohms) into exceptionally lightweight (13 lbs / 5.9 kg) and rack-mountable packages. And because the NX6000 is so much more efficient than conventional designs, it runs cooler and doesn’t t require the massive heat sinks and heavy toroid transformers typically associated with its conventional counterparts. Thanks to our OhmZero-Attack limiters that offer maximum output level with exceptionally-reliable overload protection and SmartSense Loudspeaker impedance compensation, which provides fully linear frequency response at any speaker load impedance, you can run the NX6000 full-out for hours-on-end. Our revolutionary high-density Class-D technology, combined with an ultra-efficient, switch-mode power supply ensure this feather-light powerhouse will drive your rig effortlessly for many years to come.


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