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Imix Speakers
Imix Speakers

Are you looking for Imix Speakers? If you are, this short blog post will take you through the different speaker models available for purchase.

But I won’t take up too much of your time so I will get straight to the point.

Background on Imix

Based on the “little” research that I have done, Imix is a South Africa-based manufacturer of audio equipment, home appliances and jewelry among other things.

The company is divided into two business units (If I’m not mistaken), namely Imix Sound and Imix Home.

Imix Speaker Models

As mentioned above, Imix manufacturers’ different audio products but we will only focus the loud speaker models available from their product range.

These speakers are available in passive and active models and we will get into that just now.

Just in case you wondering what I mean by passive and active, I’ll explain.

A passive speaker requires application in order to function and an active speaker doesn’t require external amplifier (Its built-in).

If you need Imix Speakers for your events (indoor, outdoor, DJ), church, etc, you want to look the following products below.

Imix Passive speakers:


  • Imix ils18 (Single Bass Bin)
  • Imix im-8218 (Dual Bass Bin)
  • Imix im221bs dual bass bin
  • Imix im618 single bass bin
  • Imix im628 dual bass bin

Imix Active Speakers:

  • Imix im715p active single speaker
  • Imix im-515P
  • Imix M150 (Powered Stage Monitor)

Imix Loose Speakers Price

If you want to build your own speaker sets from scratch, repair or replace your old speakers, Imix has a wide range of products to choose from.

Below is a list of Imix loose speakers available as well the current market price (2022).

  • Imix E8-200 – R1800
  • Imix E10-250 –R2200
  • Imix E12-300 – R2500
  • Imix E15-400 – R2800
  • Imix 12-500A – R2000
  • Imix 15-300 – R899
  • Imix 15-300A MK2 – R1200
  • Imix 15-400A MK2 – R1500
  • Imix 18-500 – R1500
  • Imix 18-800c – R2000
  • Imx 18-1000 MK2 – R2400
  • Imix 18PA-1000 – R2800
  • Imix 18-1400 MK3 – R2899
  • Imix 21-1600 – R5899


If hope this post has managed to give you an insight on your product choices. But I would like to encourage you to do your research before making any purchasing decisions. Should you have any further questions on these products, please send us an email.

Studio Equipment
Studio Equipment for Sale
Studio Equipment for sale

Hey there and how are you? I hope you’re great!

If you landed on this page chances are you’re looking for audio recording gear.

We have studio equipment for sale but this article was written as a guideline to help you to make an informed decision.

As a music producer, musician or content creator, you need the right tools of trade in order to maximize your performance and to produce high-quality work.

If you are embarking on this journey for the very first time, shopping around for gear whether done online or offline can be overwhelming (I can relate).

That’s why we decided to write this blog post, so you don’t have to run around looking for studio equipment. Everything is already in place right here.

Studio Equipment Brands   

In the audio industry most people are obsessed with brand names. And most probably you’re no different.

I get it though, the more famous the brand, the perception is that its “high-quality”.

That’s not always the case though; however that’s a topic for another day. I would advise that you check out reviews online on brands that appeal to you.

Having said that, below is a list of Studio Equipment brands for sale at our store:

  • Pioneer DJ
  • MidiPlus
  • Audio Technica
  • IMG Stageline
  • Allen & Heath
  • Samson
  • Hybrid SA
  • Imix
  • ICON Audio

Other prominent audio brands available on the market include PreSonus, M-Audio, Behringer, Numark, the list is endless.

What you should consider before purchasing gear

When it comes to shopping for studio equipment, there is no one sizes fits all approach and/or advise.

Some people are in the early stages of their careers (hobbyists included), some are intermediates and others advanced and earning a decent living from music and content creation such as Podcasts and YouTube channels.

Before going any further, you should ask yourself the following questions

  • What are my goals?
  • Are my goals short-term or long-term?
  • What is my budget?
  • Where will I setup my studio?
  • What are my expectations?
  • What skills do I require?

For example if you are starting a podcast on YouTube, your setup would be different from a traditional music production studio.

Okay I’m done with the lecture.

As you scrawl further down, you will find some of the studio equipment for sale available on our website including links.

Audio Interfaces:

  • MidiPlus Studio S – It’s a two channel usb audio interface with an impressive sound quality
  • MidiPlus Smartface 2 – An affordable two channel us interface, suitable for small home studio setup. It has inputs for mic and electronic guitar.
  • MidiPlus Studio 4 – This 4 channel interface includes 2 x MIDI inputs. That means you can connect your midi controller keyboard, microphones and instruments on this hardware device directly to your computer.

Condenser Microphones:

  • Powerworks SC-100 USB: This is an entry-level recording microphone for podcasts and content creators
  • Audio Technica AT2020: For music producers and vocalists, this is an affordable recording microphone which is ideal for project and home recording studios

Midi Controller Keyboards:

MidiPlus X2 Mini: This is an entry level controller for beat-makers and music producer.

Other models can be found here > midi-controller keyboard catalogue


For mixing and for audio reference, you can use closed-back and open back headphones, like the ones on the list below:

  • Audio Technica ATH-AVC200
  • Audio Technica ATH-AVC500
  • Audio Technica ATH-AD500X
  • Pioneer DJ HRM-6
  • Powerworks HPW-3000
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Monitor Speakers

Our product catalogue consists of budget monitor speakers to high end products.

Budget Monitors for sale  

  • Hybrid HF5
  • Hybrid HF6
  • MidiPlus MI3
  • MidiPlus MI5
  • Samson Media One
  • Pioneer DJM40

High-end monitors

  • RCF Ayra Pro-5
  • RCF Ayra Pro-6
  • Pioneer VM-80


So there you have it. We covered some of the gear that you might want to consider purchasing whether you make music or content.

Take your time, research and do not rush to purchase anything until you completely sure that a product will work for you.

Product Information
Hybrid Speakers Prices
Hybrid Speakers Prices

Hey there, if you landed on this post chances are you are looking for affordable and high-quality speakers.

This blog post will cover Hybrid Speakers prices. If you are not an audio expert, it can be hard to find the right product that will cater for your specific needs.

And I also understand that pricing can be a major concern for most consumers because to be honest audio equipment is quite costly.

Anyway enough yapping, let’s go through the list of Hybrid Speakers as well as the pricing so you can make an informed decision.

Hybrid plus altium 12

First on the list is the Hybrid plus Altium 12. In order to avoid any confusion, I just want to clarify something here, there’s Hybrid and Hybrid plus. It’s the same brand, however the Hybrid plus model is the modified version manufactured using CELTO Acoustique Drivers. 

Are we clear? Great then now let’s move on.

The Hybrid + Altium 12 are a 12 inch active speaker built with light birch play wooden cabinet and Bluetooth compatible.

The 15 inch model is also available (Altium 15) and comprises of the same features.

Hybrid HF5 & HF6 

A couple of years ago, Hybrid brand owners, Viva Afrika expanded their product range by introducing affordable studio equipment.

What stood out for me were the studio monitor speakers. Monitors are generally pricey, but Hybrid was able to solve that problem by launching these products for bedroom music producers.

The Hybrid HF5 & HF6 are great if you want to setup your home recording studio at home.

They are also easy on the pocket, retailing for not more than R3500 for a pair.

The difference between the two models is minimal; the HF5 is a 5 inch and the latter 6 inch.  

Hybrid Party Starter 15

If you are planning to host a graduation party, a kiddie’s party or a braai for a crowd of fewer than 200 people, the Hybrid Party Starter 15 is the product that you consider purchasing.

It consists of two 15 inch speakers (1 active and 1 passive), 2 speaker stands, one microphone, a remote control, and cabling.

This combo retails for about R6000 +

Below is a list of speaker combo systems that are similar to the Hybrid Party Starter 15

Hybrid Party Box 12 – It’s a 12 inch set with two active speakers, two speaker stands, and a microphone and cabling

Retail Price: R6200

Hybrid Party Box 15 – This one is a 15 inch speaker set with two active speakers, two speaker stands, and a microphone and cabling

Retail: R7500

Hybrid Party Sub 18 – This is a standalone 18 inch subwoofer and it’s compatible with the Hybrid Party Box 12 and 15

Retail Price: R5500

Hybrid Speakers Prices for Passive models

Below I have included a list of Hybrid Passive speakers suitable for indoor and outdoor events. For those of you who might be wondering what I mean by “passive”. Well passive means speakers which require amplification in order to function.

  • Hybrid+PK15 UE (Retails for about R7000)
  • Hybrid+PK152MKII (Retails for R8000-R10000)
  • Hybrid+PK18S UE (Retails for R9000 +)
  • Hybrid+ PK218S UE ( Retail price R14000)
  • Hybrid+ PLA10 (Retail price between R12000-R14000)

I just want to state that, these prices are estimations and what these speakers sell for in the current market and economic climate. Bu the pricing could change at any given time.

I hope this post has given you an idea on how much you can expect to pay for Hybrid speakers and the type of models available currently.

Home Recording
Home Studio setup
home studio setup
Welcome to the home studio setup guide. I won’t take up too much of your time and I’ll keep this blog post short, sweet and straight to the point.

Back in the day (before the 21st century), setting up a recording studio at home was an expensive exercise. And for most up and coming artists and musicians, this route was simply out of question.
Recording studios were owned by the big record labels and established artists who had a little bit of money in their pockets.

Anyway, I did say I’ll get straight to the point and I’m going to do exactly that.

Below are some of the reasons why should set-up a home studio.
·         It’s convenient. You can work at any time with little restrictions
·         It’s cheaper than paying for studio time (That’s so old school)
·         It’s not expensive (And it doesn’t have to be)
·         You can work on your recordings at your own pace
·         It gives you the opportunity to improve your craft daily

Of course there’s probably a hundred other reasons and you could come with your own based on your motives and goals. 

But how do you setup a home studio?

First thing’s first, you need to identify a room in your home (or office) that you can work from. That’s your first task.

For most people, that would be their bedroom or a spare room at home.

Home Studio Setup 101

I will assume that you have purchased the music studio equipment that you will need.

Before worrying about what goes where and how, ensure that your room is acoustical treated. Reason being is that you want to make sure that your recordings will come out clean and crystal clear.

The goal here is to ensure that your music or whatever you will be recording to sound like it was professionally done (Mixed and mastered).

For acoustics you can use foams (or egg foams if budget is a major issue), blankets, or old mattresses, lol yes that’s right – especially when recording vocals. This is important.

I’m not going to cover this topic in detail and I’d recommend that you read further on acoustic treatment.

Once you’re done with the acoustics, then you can start connecting your equipment, below I included two different home studio setup diagrams for laptop and desktop users. But whether you use a pc and laptop is entirely up to you.

Home Studio setup 1

home studio setup 1
This setup is for those who want to record vocals for voice-overs, and content creation, and as you can see you don’t need tons of equipment, the basics will do.

Please note that adding a pre-amp is optional. You can purchase a mixer or an audio interface that includes a built-in pre-amp.

Home Studio setup 2

home studio setup 2

The second setup is for musicians and producers; you can record all your instruments and vocals with a midi keyboard controller and a live guitar.


Setting up a home studio shouldn’t be difficult and you don’t need a technician to do it for you. I hope this guide has clarified any misconceptions that you might have had.

Studio Equipment
Hybrid Studio Monitors
Hybrid Studio Monitors
Hey there, are you looking for Hybrid Studio Monitors?

You have come to the right platform. On this short post we are going to have a look these monitors as well the features and benefits.

Why should you own a pair of monitor speakers?

Before we proceed any further, I want us to find out why it is important to own a pair monitors.

Have you tried to mix and master a song with normal hi-fi speakers only to find out later that something was off? Lol

Well maybe you have or maybe not. But it’s not a good idea, and that’s because normal hi-fi speakers were not designed for studio work.

The sound that you get from normal speakers is usually colorful and crystal clear. So you if you try to take shortcuts, that will come back to bite you hard – So don’t do that.

On the other hand, monitors have a flat-frequency and the audio quality might sound unusual or offish if you’re just a novice starting out.

But that’s what you should be looking for in the first place. That is the purpose of monitors, when you’re mixing (and mastering) you should be able to hear everything clearly from your track recordings.  

Hybrid Monitor Speakers are no different and they are the perfect for price conscious producers and musicians just starting out.

Hybrid Studio Monitors Features

Let me give you a little history before we proceed. Hybrid is a proudly South Africa company founded in 1988.

They have been in the business of manufacturing consumer electronics for more than three decades. Their first product line was amplifiers until they expanded into other related products such as speakers, cabling, and music production equipment.

In 2017, Hybrid launched the Hybrid HF5 and HF6 Studio Monitors for aspiring music producers.

Now let’s have a look at these monitors

The Hybrid Studio Monitors comprises of two models, the HF5 and HF6 (as already mentioned.

The HF5 model is a 5 inch and HF6 is a 6 inch. The material used to build these products wooden oak, making them a little different from most monitors. They can be mistaken for hi-fi speakers in appearance. But they are beautifully designed.

Other features include, Bluetooth connectivity, microphone and auxiliary inputs as well volume controls.

Both models are sold as a pair comprising of one active and one passive speaker. What that means is that one speaker is amplified or powered while the other is not.


The Hybrid Studio Monitors are perfect for a basic home recording studio and music producers.

The pricing is usually under R3000, making them accessible for anyone interested in creating high-quality recordings at home.

Studio Equipment
Studio Equipment List
studio equipment list

Are you planning to start your own podcast or home recording studio? This article will cover the studio equipment list that’s essential to kick start your dreams.

Before the 21st century, it was difficult to launch to a recording studio at home unless you had deep pockets. So for most aspiring artists, that wasn’t an option.

But thanks to the internet age, computers and advancement of technology, studio equipment became affordable.

Below is the Studio Equipment list that is essential for beginners or hobbyists.

If you are a seasoned music professional such as an audio engineer, then this article won’t help you much.

Personal Computer/Laptop

I didn’t want to include this option because chances are most of you own or have access to a pc or laptop and it sounds pretty obvious.

But having said that, a good computer with a minimum 8GB RAM, 2.2 GHz i7 quad-core processor and 256 GB of internal storage would do. Whether you go for a traditional desktop or laptop is completely up to you, there’s no hard and fast rule.


DAW is an acronym for Digital Audio Workstation or software. This can include programs such the popular FL Studio for producers, Steinberg’s Cubase, Abelton and so on.

The choice of software program will depend on your needs and the type of projects that you will be working on.


Just in case you’re confused, by monitors I’m not referring to Monitor screens lol, but studio monitor speakers.

Good monitors are a must because you need them reference. In other words, say you recorded instruments and want to have a listen; monitors will help you to identify any errors within your mixdown.

Monitors can be quite pricey but you don’t have to break the bank when you’re just starting out.
The Hybrid HF5 or HF6 are affordable for less than R3K at most retailers.

Condenser Microphone

In order to record crystal clear recordings, a condenser microphone is a must.

You have two options:

You can purchase a traditional condenser with XLR to XLR connection


A USB Condenser Mic

What’s the difference?

A standard condenser requires a 48 voltage in the form of a power supply or audio interface (We will cover audio interfaces shortly).

A USB Microphone has a built-in soundcard or audio interface, and you can connect this directly to your pc.

Audio Interface

An audio interface is basically another fancy word for external sound. This is a standalone piece of hardware that will help you capture high-quality recordings.

Audio Interfaces have become affordable over the years. If you want to record small projects at home, you can try the Midiplus Smartface 2 channel interface.

Midi Controller

For music producers, and beat makers, a midi controller keyboard should be on your studio equipment shopping list.

A midi controller allows you to work and make beats much faster with a basic USB plug and play connection.

If you are just starting out and have little music theory knowledge, a small 25 keyboard will work out just fine.

But for the experienced pianist, a 61 or 88 keys controller will give you more room to flex your creative muscles.

Monitor Headphones

Get a good pair of headphones but not just any headphones – Studio/Monitor headphones are ideal.
They are essential for mixing and mastering your projects. When shopping for headphones look out for “closed back or open-back” just to give you an idea.

If finances are a big issue, monitor headphones (closed-back) you can use them instead of monitor speakers because they serve the same purpose. But from a health standpoint that’s not a good idea especially long-term.



You can purchase a normal boom stand, table stand or boom arm stands for podcasts to support your microphone.


You will need XLR to XLR mic cables, jack to jack cabling for monitors, usb cables for the audio interface and midi controllers, rca cables, etc. Cabling will also depend on the type of gear you purchase as well because product specifications may differ.


A recording shield is placed behind the microphone on the stand. Its purpose is to shield function by blocking out unwanted noises, and ensuring that a more direct sound reaches the microphone.

POP Filter:

A POP filter is also known as a pop screen. This item is placed in front of the mic and it helps to reduce or eliminate popping sounds while recording.


We just covered the studio equipment list for people just starting out. There are plenty of other goodies that you can add to your list. However, you don’t need lots of expensive hardware to start, the basics will do for now.

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